[Upcoming] The Left Ear

Li Er (Mi Mi) is a 17-year old high-school student with a deaf left ear. She has a crush on the top kid at school (Jacob Hwang) and befriends a rebellious bar girl (Ma Yin Yin) of the same age. Her world takes a turn when the said bar girl is tasked by the boy’s half brother (Zheng Kai) to ruin him. The bar girl accomplishes her mission but at a great price.
(Source: AVirtualVoyage)

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[Finished Airing] Ode to Joy 2

The story takes place close to new year and along with it comes a bevy of new challenges. Andy (Liu Tao) welcomes a romance with wealthy heir Bao Yi Fan (Yang Shuo) yet his complicated background becomes a problem. Fan Sheng Mei (Jiang Xin) attempts to start anew but she feels constricted by her family and increasingly frustrates her boyfriend Wang Bo Chuan (Zhang Lu). Qu Xiao Xiao (Wang Zi Wen) and Zhao Qi Ping (Wang Kai) have a hard time seeing eye to eye, breaking up and getting back together many times over. Qiu Ying Ying (Yang Zi) is passionately in love with Ying Qin (Wu Hao Chen) and gives the relationship her all. Guan Ju Er (Qiao Xin) has fallen head over heels for young rocker Xie Bin (Deng Lun) in spite of her parents objections.

(Source: DramaPanda)

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