[Finished Airing] Visible Lie (Web Drama)

Genius student Xu Lang (Zhang Chao) who specializes in Criminal Psychology obtained a PhD at the University of Maryland. After returning to China, he joins the public security bureau but is severely injured and even loses his younger brother while solving a case. Seven years later, Xu Lang is the youngest professor of Criminology at the National Police University. Then, his friend Tang Sen (Leon Lee) invites him to return to the field and help out their newly established “Criminal Psychology Team X”. Together, the team of four uncovers unsolved cases and also finds new clues in Xu Lang’s life-changing case from seven years ago.

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[Finished Airing] Exclusive Memory (Web Drama)

PhD candidate in Physics Mu Cheng He (Zhang Chao) catches third year student in English Xue Tong (Li Ting Ting) cheating on an exam. When he even becomes the substitute teacher in her elective course Russian and makes her study with him after classes, Xue Tong’s hatred for him only grows. Over time, however, Xue Tong discovers Teacher Mu’s true character and comes to secretely love him.

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