[Online Ratings] Week 52, 2018

Here are the online ratings for Week 52, December 24 – December 30 (views in million):
1 Like a Flowing River 934
2 The Story of Ming Lan 786
3 Ever Night 459
4 About Is Love 320
5 The King of Blaze 2 222
6 Love in Nanking 213
7 The Demon Master 207
8 The King of Blaze 191
9 That City, This Family 183
10 Mystery of Antiques 181

Source: Calculated myself.

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[Finished Airing] When We Were Young (Web Drama)

Summer 1996. While chasing after a bicycle thief, Yang Xi (Wan Peng) hurts her leg and therefore can’t participate in the long-distance run to earn some bonus points for the college entrance exam anymore. When school starts again, Yang Xi not only has to discover that the offender is her new classmate Hua Biao (Hou Ming Hao), but he even snatches away her position as class monitor. The entire class considers the hot-blooded and impulsive newcomer Hua Biao who is gifted in sciences as their enemy. Hua Biao, however, proves them wrong as he continuously helps his classmates out. In the end, he becomes part of the “Five Flying Bicycles Group” and Yang Xi learns that he’s not only responsible and loyal, but also very respectful towards his grandma. Yang Xi finally lets go of her prejudices and the little group experiences their last year of high school together.

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