[Currently Airing] Pushing Hands

Liu Qing Yang (Jia Nai Liang) is a rich, spoiled playboy. Chen Yi Fan (Wang Ou) is the icy, aloof vice president of a real estate corporation. Despite their differences, they both happen to be motorcycle racing enthusiasts. They find their lives intersecting after Liu Qing Yang saves Chen Yi Fan during a race, where Yi Fan notices that he resembles her former lover, Mei Heng (Jia Nai Liang), who passed away. Soon, Qing Yang and his mother suffer some mishaps and fall into debt. Yi Fan helps him out by offering him a job at her company. When her company is pushed into a corner by its competitors, Liu Qing Yang attempts to save it by seeking guidance from its founder Mei Dao Yuan (Wang Jin Song), who was a genius entrepreneur and Chen Yi Fan’s former professor. Mei Dao Yuan teaches Qing Yang how to apply the principles of the Chinese Taichi known as “pushing hands (tui shou)” in the business world.
(Source: Mydramalist)

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[Finished Airing] Memories of Peking

Memories of Peking depicts the lives of ordinary people in old Beijing. The drama opens in 1947 when pickles shop owner Yan Zhen Sheng (He Bing) makes the big decision to take a second wife in order to carry on the family line. Even though he and new bride Mu Chun Hua (Wang Ou) don’t have feelings for each other, their relationship deepens over time. When the New Marriage Law that allows women to seek divorce is passed in 1950, Zheng Sheng and Chun Hua dissolve their marriage. Nevertheless, Zheng Sheng, Chun Hua and Zheng Sheng’s first wife Lin Cui Qing (Liu Bei) continue to support each other through thick and thin.

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[Upcoming] Awakening of Insects

After “Sparrow”, Insects Awaken is the next novel by Hai Fei to be made into a drama with the same team behind. The story is set in 1941 when Shanghai falls into the hands of the enemy. Street hoodlum Chen Shan (Zhang Ruo Yun), who looks confusingly similar to military special agent Xiao Zheng Guo, catches the eye of Japanese special agent Huang Mu Wei (Wang Long Zheng). Mu Wei abducts Chen Shan’s sister Chen Xia (Luo Qiu Yun) and forces Chen Shan to work as a spy for the Japanese. In order to save his sister, Chen Shan agrees to go through a special training and subsequently pretends to be Zheng Guo. He goes to Chongqing and lives together with Zheng Guo’s wife Yu Xiao Wan (Adi Kan). In Chongqing, he meets Zhang Li (Wang Ou), who is an underground member of the Communist Party hiding in the army, and falls in love at first sight. Thanks to Zhang Li, Chen Shan comes to understand about his responsibility as a Chinese citizen and eventually joins the Communist Party. While working hard to break free from the control of the Japanese as well as the military and save his sister, Chen Shan also fights alongside Zhang Li and other members to lead the Party to victory.

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