[Finished Airing] Love of Aurora

Love of Aurora tells the love story between acting student Han Xing Zi (Guan Xiao Tong) and the heir of a media group, Li Jun Tai (Ma Ke). Xing Zi is a gifted young aspiring actress whose dream is to spread love and hope to the world through her acting. To make this dream come true, she goes to study abroad in America and performs on all kinds of big and small stages, always putting her whole heart into her roles. There she meets the young rebel Jun Tai, who came to America to escape from the strings of his strict family.

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[Finished Airing] Negotiator

Dou Qiao (Yang Mi) is a genius negotiator who is the star of the US-China Business Council. Xie Xiao Fei (Huang Zi Tao) also works as a negotiator, but is actually the sole heir of a wealthy Chinese-American corporation who wants nothing to do with the family business. He vents his frustrations on Dou Qiao, though their bickering relationship soon takes a romantic turn. The couple separates after Dou Qiao discovers the Xie Family had a hand in her parents’ deaths, only to meet several years later as negotiators of rival firms.
(Source: Mydramalist)

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