[TV Ratings] Week 35, 2021

Here are the TV ratings for Week 35, August 30 – September 5:

Prime-time dramas:
1 The Ideal City (Dragon TV) 2.482
2 The Bond (ZJSTV) 2.171
3 My Bargain Queen (Dragon TV) 2.164
4 The Bond (JSTV) 2.105
5 Stand By Me (Hunan TV) 1.866
6 Crime Crackdown (Dragon TV) 1.718
7 Crime Crackdown (BTV) 1.681
8 Dear Parents (BTV) 1.541
9 Liu Yong’s Journey of Investigations (BTV) 1.37

Late-night dramas:
1 The Priceless (Hunan TV) 1.023

Average numbers in %, calculated myself.

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[Currently Airing] The Priceless

When Shanghai drifter Liu Yin (Lan Ying Ying) and Shi Lei (Niu Jun Feng), a local from Shanghai, get married, Liu Yin’s mother-in-law Li Shuang Qing (Vivian Wu) gives her their most valuable family heirloom as a sign of approval. But on her honeymoon, Liu Yin discovers that the jade bracelet she received is a fake, which results in trust issues between the family members. While uncovering the truth behind the jade bracelet, the family also comes to understand what truly is priceless.

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