[IQIYI Hot List] Week 9, 2019

Here are the hottest dramas on IQIYI for Week 9, February 25 – March 3 (average points):
1 The Golden Eyes 7307
2 The Legends 7236
3 I Will Never Let You Go 7130

4 The Legend of Hao Lan 6870
5 Queen Dugu 6732
6 Unbeatable You 6677
7 The Story of Ming Lan 6300

8 Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine 5655
9 Memories of Peking 5486
10 National Treasure’s Extraordinary Journey 5279

Source: Calculated myself.

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[Finished Airing] The Golden Eyes (Web Drama)

One night, everything changes for the ordinary pawn shop worker Zhuang Rui (Lay Zhang). While dealing with robbers, he is wounded by a piece of jade and his eyes turn golden. From then on, Zhuang Rui embarks on an adventurous journey to find out the truth about his predestination. On his journey, he finds a new friend in Huang Fu Yun (Wang Li Xin) and butts heads with policewoman Miao Fei Fei (Wang Zi Xuan).
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