[Online Ratings] Week 2, 2019

Here are the online ratings for Week 2, January 7 – January 13 (views in million):
1 The Story of Ming Lan 1686
2 Like a Flowing River 405

3 I Will Never Let You Go 383
4 The Lady in Cubicle 333
5 Mystery of Antiques 323
6 The King of Blaze 2 232
7 The Old Lady’s House of Dumplings 186
8 Dangerous Beauty 178
9 Emperors & Me 144
10 The Demon Master 143

Source: Xunyee

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[Currently Airing] The Faded Light Years (Web Drama)

DI Group’s board member Ding Wen Xiao (Jevon Wang) works hard for the company to be listed in order to fulfill his promise to his father. After many years of preparations, he has almost reached his goal. The success of the upcoming fashion show with DI’s chief designer Mu Ling Shan (Lee Hsin Ai)’s creations will decide upon the company’s fate. But things don’t go as planned. Wen Xiao’s life becomes intertwined with dressmaker Yan Xia (Fei Xing) who owns her own little shop named “The Faded Light Years” in a fisher village. With Yan Xia by his side, betrayals and grudges surface and a conspiracy is uncovered. To Wen Xiao, Yan Xia is like the blazing sun who guides him through the haze.

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