[Crowdfunding] Help getting more Cdramas subbed!

Chinese drama fans who don’t understand Chinese don’t have it easy: Only a tiny amount of Cdramas is available with subtitles. I have long thought about how I could change this situation. Buying licenses is unfortunately not in my capacities, but there’s another more simple way I would like to try: paying subbers!
I think everyone has noticed that more and more Cdramas are being uploaded on Youtube legally and they have the function to add subtitles. However, time has shown that not many volunteers appear to subtitle them. There are many popular dramas that we could watch, but can’t because nobody is subbing them, like Nothing Gold Can Stay, Season Love or Legend of the Dragon Pearl, just to name a few. So how can we make people sub them? By paying them for their hard work! I have quite a big network in the field and know enough people who could provide high quality subtitles in English, so finding subbers is a piece of cake. The only thing missing is the money. I’m only a private person like everyone else and have no way of paying subbers on my own. This means I need your help! If every fan would just contribute 1$, we could already finance the subbing of a handful of Cdramas! You’re of course also welcome to contribute more if you want. 🙂
Guys, let’s put our forces together and make this happen!

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