[Finished Airing] Best Arrangement

Summer 2011: Zhao Zi Hui (Ying Er) is in a passionate relationship with her boss Yan Ruo Qiu (Wang Yao Qing). Suddenly, her grandma who’s living in Dongbei falls ill and comes to Shanghai to get hospitalized. At the same time, Yan Ruo Qiu’s ex-wife comes back because she wants to have her former husband back. During these tumultuous times, Zi Hui meets Xu Tian (Fu Xin Bo) in the hospital who suggests her to join hands and open a restaurant together. At first, Zi Hui takes it as a joke, but she slowly starts to see his seriousness and braveness and ends up really opening a restaurant with him. Not only do these two work close together from now on, but their hearts slowly get closer as well.

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