[Finished Airing] My True Friend

My True Friend tells the story of two rookie real estate agents, Cheng Zhen Zhen (Angelababy) and Shao Peng Cheng (Deng Lun), who are assigned to work together. Zhen Zhen is sincere and devoted while Peng Cheng is a rich playboy who hides that he’s in fact the son of the agency’s CEO. Not only are their personalities contradicting, but the way they deal with their work is completely different as well. Trough work, the two get to know the world-renowned interior designer Jing Ran (Zhu Yi Long), a cold and taciturn man, as well as his mother Bai Ya Ru (Xu Di). Over time, Zhen Zhen and Peng Cheng begin to grasp the importance of home and learn how to work together successfully.

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