[TV Ratings] Week 43, 2017

Here are the TV ratings for Week 43, October 23 – October 29 (including reruns, average numbers in %):
1 Full House (BTV) 1.079
2 The Times We Had (Dragon TV) 1.03
3 The Times We Had (ZJSTV) 1.014
4 Peacekeeping Infantry Battalion (JSTV) 0.94
5 China Rescue & Salvage (Shandong TV) 0.664
6 Ordinary Person Character (JSTV) 0.652
7 Special Duty Elite (Hunan TV) 0.625
8 The Flowers and Distant Place (Anhui TV) 0.572
9 The Starry Night, The Starry Sea Second (Hunan TV) 0.53
10 The Peach Blossom (Tianjin TV) 0.528

Source: Tvtv

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[Finished Airing] Ordinary Person Character

The former reporter Zhan Da Peng (Lin Yong Jian), whose special field were crisis regions, now is a distinguished producer. But when his wife, who works at the same company, separates from him, he loses both his family and job and enters into a life crisis. The newbie at work Chang Ge (Jiang Xin) admires Da Peng and follows him around. In the end, they try to make a new program under simple conditions together and have to deal with many hardships in the process. However, fate strikes again and Da Peng learns that his life is in danger due to a shrapnel in his head that he got on a former trip into a war region. Hence, he focuses on helping his son fulfill his dream of starting his own venture and nurtures his broken relationship with his family. At the same time, he continues working on a new program.

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