[Currently Airing] All Is Well

All seems well for the Su family until Mother Su dies and suppressed issues come to light one after another. Finally freed from his tyrannic wife, father Su Da Qiang (Ni Da Hong) has to rethink how he wants to spend the rest of his life. The selfish and narrow-minded old man consequently begins to disturb the peaceful lives of his three grown-up children by continuously making excessive requests. Oldest son Su Ming Zhe (Gao Xin) returns from America in order to lend a helping hand, yet ends up causing a rift in his own family under the heavy burden. Second son Su Ming Cheng (Guo Jing Fei) is a spoiled brat who got used to living off his parents. He is obsessed with getting rich and doesn’t flinch from doing risky moves that could ruin his whole family in order to achieve his goal. Daugther and youngest child Su Ming Yi (Yao Chen) was never favoured by her parents due to being a girl, and therefore cut all family ties when she turned 18. But now that her family is in trouble, she decides to help after all, and has to live through her traumatic childhood once again. Will this deeply damaged family still be able to overcome all issues and find together in the end?

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[Finished Airing] The Story of Zheng Yang Gate 2

Sequel to the critically acclaimed 2013 drama The Story of Zheng Yang Gate starring Zhu Ya Wen, Ni Da Hong, Bian Xiao Xiao and Li Guang Fu. The Story of Zheng Yang Gate 2 follows new characters, but equally focuses on the success story of hard-working common people under changing political circumstances. The drama opens in 1955. Xu Hui Zhen (Jiang Wen Li) lost her husband not long after their marriage and is now running a little tavern that she inherited. No matter what difficulties come her way, the socialist transformation of capitalist enterprises, the Great Leap Forward, natural disasters, the Cultural Revolution and many more, Hui Zhen remains true to herself and her philosophy of how to manage the tavern. When the economic reforms are eventually introduced, Hui Zhen and her tavern bear the fruits of her hard work and her unchanging belief in her values.

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