[Poll] Which is your most anticipated upcoming drama?

August is full of new drama releases! But which one(s) are you most looking forward to and why? Vote and let us know why you can’t wait for the drama(s) of your choice! 🙂

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[Finished Airing] Next Time, Together Forever

The not so young anymore and still unmarried female doctor Sheng Xia (Li Xiao Ran) is in a hurry to get married and bear children due to a hereditary disease. CEO Qiu Yang (Yu He Wei) went through two failed marriages and now even experiences a crisis at work. To save his company, Qiu Yang is being forced to marry. Thereupon, he ends up in a contract marriage with his neighbor Sheng Xia. In the end, the two come to have a new understanding of what marriage means and learn to sincerely love.

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