[TV Ratings] Week 35, 2021

Here are the TV ratings for Week 35, August 30 – September 5:

Prime-time dramas:
1 The Ideal City (Dragon TV) 2.482
2 The Bond (ZJSTV) 2.171
3 My Bargain Queen (Dragon TV) 2.164
4 The Bond (JSTV) 2.105
5 Stand By Me (Hunan TV) 1.866
6 Crime Crackdown (Dragon TV) 1.718
7 Crime Crackdown (BTV) 1.681
8 Dear Parents (BTV) 1.541
9 Liu Yong’s Journey of Investigations (BTV) 1.37

Late-night dramas:
1 The Priceless (Hunan TV) 1.023

Average numbers in %, calculated myself.

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[Currently Airing] My Bargain Queen

Xia Qian (Wu Jin Yan) and He Zhi Juan (Nicky Wu) are due to marry, and to celebrate their engagement, they decide to throw a big and extravagant party at a big hotel. But instead of celebrating in front of her friends and family, she is instead humiliated as He Zhi Juan jilts her, leaving her alone for the big event. Filled with anger, she demands to see the takes out her ire on Sheng Zhe Ning (Lin Geng Xin), the hotel manager. But during their argument, they both recognize that she is a formidable business negotiator. Taken aback by her own talent, Xia Qian decides to make a brand new start in life – as a professional negotiator. She sets up her own company, which frequently crosses paths with Sheng Zhe Ning’s own business interests. They start to collaborate and begin to spend more time together. A close bond forms, and romance is also in the air. But then things take an awkward turn when Sheng Zhe Ning is cheated by his business associates and He Zhi Juan returns to the scene…as Sheng Zhe Ning’s sister’s boyfriend! A messy scenario is in the cards – and Xia Qian will need all of her negotiating skills to help clear it up!
(Source: Viki)

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