[Finished Airing] Mother’s Life

Set in Shanxi during the early years of the Republic of China, Mother’s Life tells the story of a mother, Liu Ying Niang (Yue Li Na), and her five children. Eight years into her marriage, Liu Ying Niang has given birth to three girls in succession. Seen as a bad omen, the third girl is rejected by the family. In order to protect her, Ying Niang’s husband Long Ji Zong (Yu Yi) takes the girl and leaves the family. Ji Zong, however, dies and his family refuses to acknowledge his fourth baby in Ying Niang’s womb. Ying Niang therefore takes her children and leaves. Her own family doesn’t want to accept them either, which leaves her with no choice but to marry an opium addict who ends up selling her third daughter in exchange for opium. In the spur of the moment, Ying Niang sets the house on fire and consequently has to serve time in jail where she gives birth to her son. After being released, she tries to find her lost daughter with the help of her husband’s twin brother Yan Zong (Yu Yi), only to end up being separated from all her children. From then on, finding her lost children becomes Ying Niang’s purpose in life.

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