Happy Lunar New Year!

Many drama productions are wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year with special posters. Here is a collection.

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[Upcoming] Meet You

Wu Shi Yi (Wang Li Kun) is a former taekwondo athlete who gave up her career for love and became a housewife. On her 7th wedding anniversary, however, she discovers that her husband has an affair. Shi Yi immediately decides on a divorce and plans to raise their son by herself, but all assets end up going to her cheating husband and she even loses the custody of her child. In order to win the custody back, Shi Yi tries to find a job and is eventually hired by a security company as a female bodyguard. The first client she has to work for is the rich and handsome Hou Jue (Johnny Huang) who frequently stirs up trouble, which is why his father decided to hire a bodyguard who can protect him 24/7. In the beginning, Shi Yi and Hou Jue don’t get along very well, but Shi Yi’s sincerity soon moves Hou Jue. At the same time, Hou Jue’s positive personality also leads Shi Yi to change.

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