[Finished Airing] Unbeatable You

Top sales agent Liu Ai (Ma Li) strives hard to make a living in the big city. In fact, she and her husband Yang Guang (Pan Yue Ming), who works as a designer, have a simple dream: to earn enough money to raise children and move to a better home. But when the end of the year is nearing, Liu Ai’s boss unexpectedly doesn’t fulfill his promise to her. In a fit of anger, Liu Ai decides to quit. At the same time, Yang Guang also encounters trouble at work. But with the help of friends, the two stand up again and Liu Ai eventually decides to found her own small company.

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The CCTV New Year’s Gala 2019

The CCTV New Year’s Gala, also known as Spring Festival Gala or Chunwan (春晚), is not only the biggest TV event of the Chinese New Year, but even has an entry in the Guinness World Records as the most watched TV program worldwide! Around 700 million to one billion viewers tune in every year on Chinese New Year’s Eve to watch the 4-hour-long show that offers a broad variety of acts, including sketches, music and dance performances, acrobatics and martial arts.

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[Coming Soon] Le Coup de Foudre (Web Drama)

Le Coup de Foudre is based on the author’s own story. Zhao Qiao Yi (Janice Wu) and Yan Mo (Zhang Yu Jian) are classmates in high school. One is a bad student and the other a top student. Although they don’t seem to have anything in common, they make a promise on the day before graduation to go study abroad together. But due to an unforeseen incident in Qiao Yi’s family, she can’t keep the promise and the two lose contact. Four years later, they meet again at their first class reunion. Qiao Yi finally admits her own feelings and decides to move to where Yan Mo lives in order to pursue him, but has to discover that there is already someone by his side. Yan Mo, though, secretely does a lot of things for Qiao Yi. While nobody can rival him when it comes to studying or working, he is unable to express his feelings. Will the two find together in the end?

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