[Released] Twenty (Movie)

Twenty is the Chinese remake of the 2015 Korean movie of the same name, directed by Liu Chang who made a name for himself with the 2015 hit web drama “With You”. Liu Da (Qu Chu Xiao), Lin Yi Mu (Ye Zi Cheng) and Fu Hao (Kong Chui Nan) are best friends since high school and just turned twenty. They bravely enter the challenging adult world and make their first experiences with love without leaving any regrets.

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[Currently Airing] Fighting For Love (Web Drama)

When Xiao Bai Cheng (Liu Mei Han) almost falls down the stairs, her senior Shi Jing (Li He) catches her. She immediately falls for him and makes pursuing him her goal during her university time. In order to get him, she asks her childhood friend Hu Li Shan (Kong Chui Nan) for help. But what she doesn’t know is that Li Shan is actually in love with her and seizes this chance to get her attention instead of really helping her with Shi Jing.

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