[Finished Airing] Mr. Swimmer (Web Drama)

Bai Yong Ze (Mike D. Angelo) is a genius swimmer talent with humble beginning and Song Cha Cha (Ju Jing Yi) is a rich miss whose family takes a tumble. Her boyfriend Lan Tian (Yan Yu Hao) for an unknown reason breaks up with her, and he’s Yong Ze’s good friend. The boys then begin to compete in every aspect of life, from love to career. They train strictly for their upcoming national swimming competition, and before the battle begins, Lan Tian’s father threatens Yong Ze into losing the battle. To uphold justice and maintain honor and sportsmanship, Lan Tian defends Yong Ze and returns his reputation. Through many twists and turns, the three youths build a a sense of responsibility and perseverance, releasing an inner shine of outstanding youths.
(Source: AVirtualVoyage)

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