[Finished Airing] The Legendary Tycoon

Based on the legendary life of  the late Sir Run Run Shaw, the founder of Hollywood of the East, the King of Entertainment, the renowned philanthropist. In the big Shanghai period during 1930s, four Gu brothers joined hands and entered the Film & TV industry. The youngest brother, Gu Yan Jiu, for the sake of his brother’s career, followed his third brother to Singapore to open up the Nanyang (South Pacific) Film market. From then on, he was destined to be inseparable from the film industry. The timing coincided with World War II and things happened rapidly. The Gu brothers moved their production base to Hong Kong. After the war, there were many things waiting to be done. The Gu brothers entrusted the Hong Kong production base to Gu Yan Mei. Times have changed. Faced with a changed film market, Gu Yan Mei who has since the beginning considered viewers as his motivation in creating films, established the Gu Brothers Film Company, becoming the first in Hong Kong. Not only did it bring sparkle to the Hong Kong film industry, it also became top in the Asian film industry for a period of time. His reputation grew and he became ‘The Chinese Film Tycoon’. Over the years, due to his passion for charity and enthusiasm for public welfare, Gu Yan Mei became the world’s acknowledged big philanthropist.
(Source: Soompi)

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