[Finished Airing] The Golden Eyes (Web Drama)

One night, everything changes for the ordinary pawn shop worker Zhuang Rui (Lay Zhang). While dealing with robbers, he is wounded by a piece of jade and his eyes turn golden. From then on, Zhuang Rui embarks on an adventurous journey to find out the truth about his predestination. On his journey, he finds a new friend in Huang Fu Yun (Wang Li Xin) and butts heads with policewoman Miao Fei Fei (Wang Zi Xuan).
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[Finished Airing] Royal Highness (Web Drama)

The drama follows an ordinary scholar named Yang Ling (Jiang Jin Fu) on his way to become a royal highness of the Ming dynasty. On his wedding day, Yan Ling suddenly falls down and can’t get up anymore. While recovering from his illness, he looks at his new wife Han You Niang (Crystal Yuan) and realizes that he feels ashamed of being poor. He thus decides to sell his field and goes to take the imperial exam. When Yan Ling helps uncovering a murder mystery, he gains recognition from the county magistrate who lets him work as teacher, which allows Yang Ling to prove his worth. On the battlefield, he meets the crown prince Zhu Hou Zhao (Liu Rui Lin) who went undercover and they become partners and friends. Yang Ling will fight alongside Hou Zhao against conspiracies and eventually help him ascend the throne.

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[Upcoming] Royal Nirvana

The Emperor of Qi and crown prince Xiao Ding Quan (Luo Jin)’s enemies aren’t few. When the emperor kills Official Lu Ying, he puts the blame on Ding Quan as his death helps Ding Quan pave the way to the throne. In order to avenge her father, Lu Wen Xi (Li Yi Tong) enters the palace under the pseudonym “Ah Bao”. But while testing Ding Quan again and again, she slowly develops feelings for him.

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[Finished Airing] Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors (Web Drama)

The story begins in the Northern Qi Kingdom. The prime minister Gu Qing Hong (Zhang Xiao Long) schemes to murder his wife Miao Qian Qian (Wang Li Kun), the daughter of an aristocratic family, together with her whole family. However, the Emperor of the Southern Liang Kingdom (Allen Ting)’s younger brother Xiao Feng Qing (Joe Cheng), who’s actually a half-alien, rescues Qian Qian. Qian Qian from then on lives under the name Nie Wu Shuang and enters the palace of the Liang Kingdom. A love triangle between Wu Shuang and the Xiao brothers ensues. But behind Wu Shuang’s necklace lies a huge secret: twenty years ago, a fairy came down to earth after war on the Phoenix Star broke out and she was pursued. There she saw a little girl, Qian Qian, who was about to drown. She then gave her the “Heavenly Tear”, a stone with a huge power: whoever owns it will be able to unify the country. A demon who’s half-human half-machine and hides in the Qi Kingdom is after the stone.

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[Finished Airing] The Rise of Phoenixes

The Rise of Phoenixes is set in an alternate world, where ancient China is ruled by the Tiansheng dynasty. Ning Yi (Chen Kun), the sixth prince, hides his calculating personality behind a facade of playfulness. Meanwhile, he meets Feng Zhiwei (Ni Ni), a court official who is in fact a woman. Feng Zhiwei was the illegitimate daughter of a noble clan, who got banished from her family after being wrongfully accused of a crime. She soon discovers that she is the only surviving royalty of a fallen dynasty, and seeks vengeance, even if she has to betray her loved ones.
(Source: Shushengbar)

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[Finished Airing] Princess Agents

The story takes place during the chaotic times of Western Wei, where innocent citizens are often kidnapped and turned into slaves. Slave girl, Chu Qiao (Zhao Li Ying) is thrown into a forest along with other slaves and becomes the next hunting target for the rich lords. She’s saved by the Prince of Northern Wei, Yan Xun (Shawn Dou). Afterwards, she’s sold into the house of Zhuge and witnesses the deaths of her siblings. Not accepting her fate, Chu Qiao escapes the dungeon with her younger sister and catches the attention of Zhu Ge Yue (Lin Geng Xin), who was also in charge of taking the lives of some of her family members. He takes care of her and trains her in various things while she develops a deep friendship with Yan Xun over the course of 10 years. During the battle with Western Wei, Yan Xun loses his whole family and Chu Qiao is willing to die to save him and sends him back to his court. However, after that incident, Yan Xun grows ambitious and cruel to avenge for the things and the people he lost. He doubts Chu Qiao and takes advantages of her loyalty and love many times before she finally explodes. Disappointed with the man she once loved, Chu Qiao works with Zhuge Yue to bring Yan Xun down and end slavery, becoming a successful military strategist/female general in the people’s hearts.
(Source: AVirtualVoyage)

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