[Online Ratings] Week 11, 2019

Here are the online ratings for Week 11, March 11 – March 17 (views in million):
1 All Is Well 1424
2 Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber 831
3 Queen Dugu 304
4 Unbeatable You 255
5 Nice to Meet You 252
6 Memories of Peking 207
7 Cold Case 193
8 My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression 187
9 Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine 149
10 I Will Never Let You Go 114

Source: Calculated myself.

Note: Dramas streamed on Youku and iQIYI are not counted anymore. Read more about it here.

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[Currently Airing] I Got You (Web Drama)

Programmer Liu Qian Qian (Cheng Guo) is tasked with designing the male hero Nan Gong (Yi Heng) for a new romance computer game for women called “Perfect Boyfriend”. But Nan Gong unexpectedly breaks through the dimensions and appears before Qian Qian. Because he’s unfamiliar with the real world, he unintentionally gives Qian Qian a lot of trouble while trying to be her perfect boyfriend.

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