[Currently Airing] Legend of the Phoenix (Web Drama)

Legend of the Phoenix is set in the fictional Eastern Liang dynasty. Acrobat Ye Ning Zhi (He Hong Shan) and her troupe enter the palace in order to perform for the empress dowager. Ning Zhi is unexpectedly framed by Princess Royal Pang Zhen (Liu Min), but talented strategist Wei Guang (Jeremy Tsui) luckily comes to her rescue, which leads Ning Zhi to fall for him. Two years later, Ning Zhi becomes a palace maid serving the empress (Cao Xi Wen). She witnesses a lot of injustice and decides to stand up against it, which impresses both the empress as well as the emperor (Cui Peng). But with that comes also danger as Ning Zhi is drawn into the power games that not only threaten her but also Wei Guang’s safety.

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