[Finished Airing] Be Careful Delicacy (Web Drama)

The 24-year-old Zhao Xiao Xin (Liu Ya Se) loves good food and dreams of becoming an illustrator. In order to escape the dreadful city life in Beijing, she decides to stay at a guesthouse in the countryside. The owner of the guesthouse Fang Da Zhao (Zhao Cheng Yu), however, is going through a crisis as his chef left. He tricks Xiao Xin into preparing a meal and discovers that she has a talent for cooking. When Xiao Xin’s friend comes to visit her, she begs Da Zhao to pretend to be her boyfriend to cover up for a white lie. Da Zhao jumps at the chance and makes her sign a contract: He will play her boyfriend if she stays at the guesthouse as a chef.

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