[Online Ratings] Week 3, 2019

Here are the online ratings for Week 3, January 14 – January 20 (views in million):
1 The Story of Ming Lan 2042
2 I Will Never Let You Go 504
3 Mystery of Antiques 339
4 Spy Hunter 330
5 Dangerous Beauty 290
6 Like a Flowing River 174

7 Behind the Scenes 113
8 The King of Blaze 2 95
9 Flipped 89
10 Emperors & Me 74

Source: Xunyee

Note: Dramas streamed on Youku and iQIYI are not counted anymore. Read more about it here.

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[Currently Airing] Flipped (Web Drama)

The cold CEO of a construction company Qi Xun (Gao Han Yu) can teleport as long as he sees a picture of his destination. But his superpower comes with a side effect: Every time he uses it, he gets an unbearable headache. He then approaches painter Feng Shuang Shuang (Charlene Chen) who is supposedly the only person who can cure him, and ends up falling in love with her.

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