[IQIYI Hot List] Week 7, 2019

Here are the hottest dramas on IQIYI for Week 7, February 11 – February 17 (average points):
1 The Story of Ming Lan 8327
2 The Legend of Hao Lan 7642
3 I Will Never Let You Go 6998

4 Queen Dugu 6831
5 The Legends 6801

6 Unbeatable You 5427
7 Spy Hunter 5213

8 Anti-Japanese 5190
9 World Without Fraud 5094

10 National Treasure’s Extraordinary Journey 5071

Source: Calculated myself.

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[Finished Airing] Exclusive Memory (Web Drama)

PhD candidate in Physics Mu Cheng He (Zhang Chao) catches third year student in English Xue Tong (Li Ting Ting) cheating on an exam. When he even becomes the substitute teacher in her elective course Russian and makes her study with him after classes, Xue Tong’s hatred for him only grows. Over time, however, Xue Tong discovers Teacher Mu’s true character and comes to secretely love him.

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