[Finished Airing] Cupid of Chou Dynasty (Web Drama)

Yan Ru Yu (Zeng Meng Xue) has always been different from other girls: She is naughty and temperamental, and firmly believes, against all odds, that marriage should be based on mutual feelings. When her father leaves home, she takes up his former government post and becomes a matchmaker, also to avoid marquis Li Xiu (Huang Fu Jie) who is trying to pursue her. In order to fulfill her father’s wish, Ru Yu participates in a big matchmaking event and tries hard to pair as many people as possible in order to win the grand prize. Through the event she gets to know the foul-mouthed and proud, but also kindhearted private matchmaker Shen Shu (Dai Jing Yao). The two quarrel at first but soon join hands to successfully match more people and develop feelings for each other in the process.

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