[Finished Airing] Cold Case (Web Drama)

Narcotics officer Luo Ying Wei (Li Yuan) witnesses her boyfriend’s death during an operation. In order to find the culprit, she applies to transfer to the Pinglan City Public Security Bureau Archives Center. After her transfer, Ying Wei forms a “Cold Case Team” consisting of her and three other female officers, gossip Cai Wen Xin (Shi Shi), beauty Xia Luo Yang (Pu Tao) and the taciturn Ping Yi (Xu Yuan). The unlikely team leaves everyone flabbergasted, but with the trust and help of Wen Xin’s brother Cai Wen Fei (Wang Yu), who is the team leader of the criminal police, as well as other seniors, the four women succeed in solving several cold cases and come closer to the truth about the death of Ying Wei’s boyfriend.

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