[Online Ratings] Week 12, 2018

Here are the online ratings for Week 12, March 19 – March 25 (views in million):
1 Wonderful Life 1531
2 Blade AttacKing 1421
3 The Flame’s Daughter 1272
4 Old Boy 1048
5 The Legend of Dugu 724
6 Attack Again and Again 453
7 Color of Night 419
8 Country Love 10 414
9 Stepmother’s Spring 360
10 Untouchable Lovers 348

Source: Xunyee

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[Currently Airing] Beauties in the Closet (Web Drama)

The current emperor at the time neglects his duties and spends his time playing and frolicking with the ladies. He also has a habit of hunting foxes late at night. With their declining population and innocent deaths rising, the enraged Fox Clan wages a war against the royal family. They reserve a special pearl that boosts power and beauty to the consumer, which is stolen by a pair of sisters (Hu Bing Qing, Chen Yao) and split between them. They enter the palace as dancers to fulfill the mission of killing the emperor. But before the sisters could kill the emperor, he’s abruptly assassinated, and the throne goes to Li Han (Vic Zhou).
(Source: Mydramalist)

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