[Finished Airing] Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

During the reign of Emperor Zhe Zong of the Song Dynasty, the ebb and flow of the world was dictated by the power and prowess of great martial arts masters. As leader of a mighty clan of beggars, Qiao Feng (Tony Yang) was one such master. Viewed by many as a hero, Qiao Feng courageously defended the people of Song. But when rumors of his Khitan ancestry began to spread, the people turned on him and drove him away. Determined to clear his name, Qiao Feng sets out to learn the truth about his past and clear his name. Along the way, he meets Duan Yu (Bai Shu), the peace-loving prince of the Dali Kingdom. As a man who abhors violence, Duan Yu has spent his entire life running from the masters who were to train him in martial arts. Despite his best efforts, fate had other plans. Now the inadvertent master of powerful martial arts techniques, Duan Yu joins Qiao Feng on his quest. Not long after, they are joined by the powerful and pure Shaolin Monk, Xu Zhu (Zhang Tian Yang), whose only wish is to bring peace to this war-torn world.
(Source: Viki)

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