[Finished Airing] Memories of Love

At the age of 18 and just entering a top university, Lu Fei (Wallace Chung) is an excellent student and every girl’s dream guy. Lu Fei meets the willful and rebellious high school student Xin Chen (Maggie Jiang). Although they’re totally different, the two gradually develop feelings for each other. However, fate betrays them and the couple ends up going separate ways. After ten years, Lu Fei suddenly resigns from his job as executive officer in a Beijing financial corporation and decides to look for his first love. Xin Chen, who returned to her hometown, has her own little business and is enjoying her single life after just having broken up with her boyfriend. She thus reacts very coldly towards Lu Fei when he suddenly appears and tells him that she has long forgotten him. However, instead of leaving again, Lu Fei settles down in the small town and gets involved in Xin Chen’s life to win her back. Will he be able to move her and help her recover her lost belief in love?

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