[Online Ratings] Week 51, 2017

Here are the online ratings for Week 51, December 18 – December 24 (views in million):
1 Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 1275
2 Love of Aurora 864
3 A Seven-Faced Man 788
4 Oh My General 722
5 Game of Hunting 604
6 Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon 576
7 Rotten East Wind 552
8 As Flowers Fade and Fly Across the Sky 460
9 My! Physical Education Teacher 418
10 A Splendid Life In Beijing 301

Source: Xunyee

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[Finished Airing] A Seven-Faced Man (Web Drama)

Did she bite off more than she can chew? Bai Xin Xin (Cai Wen Jing) is a first-year medical intern who crosses paths with Shen Yi Zhen (Zhang Yi Shan), a man from a wealthy family. When Xin Xin is roped into becoming the personal attending physician for Yi Zhen, she doesn’t understand what she signed up for until it’s too late. As Yi Zhen’s seven different personalities begin to emerge, so too do dark secrets from his cruel family history. Can Xin Xin help the many faces of Yi Zhen recover from his painful past?
(Source: Viki)

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