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Chinese drama fans who don’t understand Chinese don’t have it easy, only a tiny amount of Cdramas is available with subtitles. However, more and more Cdramas are legally being uploaded onto Youtube and subtitles can be added to many of them. But time has shown that not many volunteers appear to subtitle them. There are many popular dramas that we could watch, but can’t because nobody is subbing them. This is why I have decided to take matters into my own hands and formed a team of people who are willing to subtitle the dramas available on Youtube for a little bit of money in return. I strongly believe that paying subbers for their hard work is the way to go if we want to have more Cdramas subbed!

However, I’m just a private person like everyone else and obviously can’t pay the subbers all by myself. This is why your help is needed! If every fan just contributes a few dollars, we could already finance the subbing of several Cdramas! Let’s put our forces together and make this happen!

You can contribute by clicking on the button below:


Furthermore, we have a special offer:

If you donate at least

$100 USD for a short web drama
$150 USD for a drama of normal length
$250 USD for a drama with more than 45 episodes
$300 USD for a variety show

you can name us a title from the list of possible projects and we will immediately start subbing it!

There is no need to donate that much, though, we are happy about every single dollar! 🙂  Every donator will have a say in which dramas we will be subbing. Please read the FAQ for more infos, and don’t hesitate to ask by leaving a comment or send an email to if you have any questions!