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Kayla waited patiently and finally heard the door to her parents bedroom close. She listened for the faint sounds from their tv and knew they had settled in for the evening. I can’t believe I still live at home with my parents! She sighed. She quietly locked her bedroom door, and found herself lying on her bed in the darkened bedroom. This was her favorite part of the day, being alone, in her bed, at night. She reached over to her nightstand and retrieved a small silkened pouch and her mini tablet. Kayla took a deep breath and sighed as her body relaxed. She was in her favorite sheer nightgown and it was now time for her nightly routine. Kayla swiped the tablets screen and it unlocked. The semi-bright screen dimly lit her room. When she opened her browser, she quietly giggled. The webpage was still opened to her favorite site, pieboxxx dot com. She loved reading erotic stories and she knew the perfect one for that evening. She found her favorite story and began reading about a girl and her affection for her withdrawn widowed daddy. Kayla let out a small moan as her body stirred with erotic emotions. She meticulously propped her tablet on the pillow next to her, which allowed her easy access to scroll the screen as she continued reading. Her hands went to her side and she easily found the silk bag waiting to be opened. She slipped her hand into the soft bag and retrieved a small metal vibrator she had bought online. It was the perfect size for her. Slim, discreet, but oh so powerful. It had become her hidden little secret and she loved it. She turned the dial to the lowest setting and the small silver probe made a gentle humming sound. Kayla felt goosebumps form on her arms from the anticipated pleasure she was about to experience. She placed the small probe just below her navel, letting the small vibrations tingle her skin. She shuddered with excitement as the petite vibrator gently massage her mid-riff. Her hand went lower and the small novelty was now just above her pubic area. She felt her legs flinch as she struggled to hold her composure. She pulled the toy off her body and concentrated on her heavy breathing. She began reading her online story: "The girl wanted to feel her dads strong arms wrap around her. She wanted him to lift her into the large bed and caress her smooth skin, applying intimate kisses to her nude body. Kayla was still holding the vibrator as she read, the small hum was gentle and soothing. She lowered her hand and placed the humming toy against her panty clad pussy. She bit her lip as the small vibe sent mesmerizing sensations throughout her body. She jerked with excitement as the vibrations caused her tight pussy to moisten. Her breathing was labored as she held the silver rod against her panties, sending jolts of excitement through her body. Her arms went weak and she pulled the toy off herself. Ohh, that feels amazing! She placed the vibrator on the bed and pulled her nightgown up, allowing the cool air to cover her body. Her small breasts were now exposed and her light colored pink nipples hardened. She scrolled the tablets screen and continued reading: "The girl leaned in and kissed her daddy for the first time. It startled him but he didn’t pull away. It had been so long since he felt the embrace of another woman. Even though she was his daughter, the bond they were sharing, was about to grow stronger." Kayla longed for a relationship like this. She loved reading erotica about dad and daughter relationships. She picked up her vibrating toy and yearned for more. She turned the dial and increased the vibrations along with the humming sound. She slid her wet panties to the side, and held the cotton fabric as her hot pussy welcomed the cool air. Again her body shuddered from anticipation. While holding the vibrator in her free hand, she lowered the humming rod to her clit. Aghhhhh. Her moan was intense and in the moment she found herself lost in pure ecstasy. Her eyes darted downwards and she watched as her breasts quickly rose and fell with her heavy breathing. She could she her legs spread open as her hand held the toy diligently and firmly in place. Kayla pulled the vibe off her clit and quickly tuned the vibrator off. She placed it on the blanket next to her. Now that her hand was free she placed her fingers to her wet slit and pushed in. Her pussy was soaking wet from the pleasurable assault of her toy. Her two fingers pushed further in and her warm welcoming opening sent a flood of sensations throughout her body. Kayla kept her fingers pushed inside her as her free hand went back to her tablet. She scrolled to the next section of her favorite story: "Oh daddy, please fuck me. I want to feel you inside me. Please don’t make me beg anymore. The girl ran her fingers along her slit as her eyes begged and her body yearned to please her father." Kayla used her fingers to massage her most sensitive spot on her body. Her natural wetness caused her moan as she flicked the small hood of her clit. She gently used her fingers knowing that her little vibrator would be the one to bring her to climax. She pulled her hand from her pussy and fumbled on the bed until she found her prized possession. Just before she turned it back on, she pulled her panties completely off and threw them to the floor. Kayla spread her legs and again turned on the silver bullet, this time to its highest speed. The humming was now very pronounced and vigorous. Again her breathing became labored as she held the small device above her longing pussy. Kayla reached over and scrolled to the last part of her favorite story and began reading the last sexual paragraphs: "The girl waited in anticipation as her strong daddy lined up his cock and teased her wet opening. He slid his wet cock head along her slit, slapping it against her skin. Just before he pushed in, he leant down and placed his lips to hers and kissed her passionately. She felt him push in and she moaned as he grunted. His baby girl was his lover." Kayla was now ready. She touched her slit with the small vibrator as she finished reading her erotic story. Her body was filled with electricity as the toy stimulated her every pleasurable nerve endings. Her body shuddered uncontrollably as the small toy jetted against her clit and her sensitive opening. She pushed the toy inside her and moaned as the vibrations took her to a turning point. She couldn’t hold back any longer, she slid the small rod in and out of her tight opening as her body built up an excitement that only women can experience. Her chest tightened as she held her breath and then she screamed with pleasure. She felt a flood of wetness cover her hand as she held the vibrating rod against her opening. Kayla pulled the small novelty away from her body and turned it off. She laid there until her breathing slowed to a natural pace. She smiled as her eyes looked downward at her exposed breasts and sprawled legs. She closed her eyes as her body savored the special moment she had just experienced. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow night, when she’d repeat her routine again. Kayla was startled when she heard a small knock at her bedroom door. "Honey, it’s dad. Everything ok in there?".