Latest Trailers & More

Here you can find the latest trailers, MVs and BTS!

The Legendary Tycoon – first English subbed trailer

Nirvana In Fire 2 – new trailer with English subtitles

Three Kingdoms Secret – first trailer with English subtitles

The Times We Had – OST & new trailer (RAW)

Color of Night – new trailer (RAW) & new MV

Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors – new teaser

Mr. Swimmer – new trailer (RAW)

Martial Universe – first teaser (RAW)

A Chinese Odyssey: Love of Eternity – new trailer (RAW)

Season Love – MV & first trailer (RAW)

Delicious Destiny – trailers with English subtitles

Delicious Destiny – new trailers (RAW)

Nothing Gold Can Stay – MVs, 10 min trailer (RAW) & BTS

The Wolf – first trailer with English subs

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