Completed Subbing Projects

Here are all the projects we already completed:

Head Above Water (funded by CN Drama)
Links to the episodes

A Splendid Life In Beijing (funded by CN Drama)
Links to the episodes

Operation Moscow (funded by CN Drama)
Links to the episodes

Arrows on the Bowstring (funded by CN Drama)
Links to the episodes

Happy Camp
Episode from February 17, 2018 (The Flame’s Daughter Special)
Watch it here.

The Endless Love
Status: 5/32 episodes released
Links to the episodes:
Episode 1
Episode 2 (switch to English (United States))
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
We have stopped working on this drama since other people already subbed it entirely in the meantime.

Age of Legends
Links to the episodes

A Monster in Chang’an
Links to the episodes

All Is Well (funded by CN drama)
Links to the episodes

Imagine Me Without You
Links to the episodes

3 thoughts on “Completed Subbing Projects

  1. Reshma Snow says:

    What about Caught in The Heartbeat drama? There are still no english subs for the second half of the series.

    • Mary F Weyeneth says:

      It is no fun to watch something and halfway thru the English subs stop. Would like to know what caused her memory problem

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