[Survey] Which unsubbed dramas would you love to see subbed?

There are lots of Cdramas out there that unfortunately still haven’t been subbed up to date. Which of these dramas would you love to see? I’m planning to create a poll later to see which ones people are most waiting for, but first I need to know which dramas I should include in that poll. Please leave a comment and let me know which unsubbed dramas you have in mind. 🙂

[Poll] Ode to Joy 2 – Which female character is your favorite one?

The last poll showed that most of you currently enjoy watching Ode to Joy 2. The five lead ladies are very charming, however, they’re all totally different in personality. So, which one is your favorite character? Vote and leave a comment explaining us why you love that certain character! There will be a poll about the male leads later as well, but first, it’s the women’s turn 🙂

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