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[Finished Airing] Blowing in the Wind (Web Drama)

Since Xia Di (Xing Zhao Lin) lost his friend in an accident when they were climbing a mountain five years ago, the once confident and carefree young man has turned cautious and listless. But when he meets university student Lin Feng (Eleanor Lee), who dresses like a man and teaches mountain rock climbing, his heart slowly starts to melt.


Blowing in the Wind – 强风吹拂
Release Date: 2019-06-06
Main Cast:
Xing Zhao Lin, Eleanor Lee, Chanon Santinatornkul
Romance, Youth
Original Novel:
Blowing in the Wind by Yi Lan
Eng subbed teaser, Trailer (RAW)
Where to watch with subtitles:
Viki, Youtube
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Year of Production: 2018
Production Company: Radiant Pictures
Producer: Gao Ming Qian
Director: Li Bing Qiang
Filming Location: Chongqing, Beijing


Pictures and posters:

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