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[Finished Airing] Listening Snow Tower (Web Drama)

In order to protect the world from the Bai Yue sect who brings great suffering upon all living beings, the three grand martial arts masters Bai Di (He Zhong Hua), Xue Gu (Wang Jiu Sheng) and Shu Xue Wei (Lu Fang Sheng), who is best known as “Blood Demon”, join forces with the lord of Listening Snow Tower, Xiao Shi Shui (Fu Hong Ming). The head of the Bai Yue sect Hua Lian (Jessica Hsuan), on the other hand, joins hands with High Priest Jia Ruo (Han Cheng Yu). With the help of a holy bell, Hua Lian enters Blood Demon’s mind and makes him kill his wife and then himself. Blood Demon’s daughter Shu Jing Rong (Crystal Yuan) is taken in by Bai Di and grows up together with Xue Gu’s favorite disciple, Xiao Shi Shui’s son Xiao Yi Qing (Qin Jun Jie). When Jing Rong discovers that her existence brings harm to others, she is filled with extreme guilt. She takes the Blood Rose Sword her father left behind and joins Listening Sword Tower which is now led by Yi Qing. Together, they fight against the evil Bai Yue sect and fall in love with each other in the process.


Listening Snow Tower – 听雪楼
Release Date: 2019-05-06
Main Cast:
Qin Jun Jie, Crystal Yuan
Costume & Period, Romance, Wuxia
Original Novel: Listening Snow Tower by Cang Yue
Trailers: Trailer 1 (RAW), Trailer 2 (RAW), MV
Where to watch with subtitles: Viki, Youtube
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Year of Production: 2018
Production Company: H&R Century Pictures
Producer: Deng Xi Bin, Jiang Xin Guang, Zhong Kai Te
Director: Yin Tao, Liu Guo Tong
Screenwriter: Bai Yi Cong, Han Pei Zhen, Zhu Yi, Liu Jia
Filming Location: Hengdian World Studios


Pictures and posters:

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