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[Finished Airing] Seven Days

When Li Xiao Yu (Li Chen) decides to help casino swindler Qiu Yong Bang (Wang Qian Yuan), his peaceful days come to an abrupt end. Xiao Yu is arrested as the main suspect for harming the casino owner, while his girlfriend Wen Wen (Shi Chun Zi) is abducted by traffickers. Xiao Yu asks Yong Bang to help him rescue Wen Wen, not knowing that the kidnappers are actually Yong Bang’s partners. When he finds out the truth, he becomes a spy working for the police and chases a Chinese tourist bus that was abducted by Yong Bang’s group. Among the abducted people on the bus is surgeon Jian Ni (Ora Yang), a brave woman who will help Xiao Yu during the seven-day chase.


Seven Days – 七日生
Release Date: 2019-05-03
Main Cast:
Li Chen, Wang Qian Yuan, Ora Yang
Action, Suspense
Dragon TV
Original Novel:
Decode Game by Sun Kang Qing
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Year of Production: 2018
Production Company: Pilot Media
Producer: Zhao Jian Ling
Director: Liu Xin Gang
Screenwriter: Zhang Yong Chen, Liu Pei Peng, Ye Xiao Dao, Wang Si Feng, Li Xi Wu, Zhou Qing Qing
Filming Location: U.S.A.


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