[Finished Airing] The Emergence of First Love (Web Drama)

While looking for inspiration, manhua artist Hua Xi Xi (Zheng He Hui Zi) gets to know Huo Zi Ang (Chen Zi You), a football player who had to give up his dream because of an injury. Zi Ang and his best friend Sun Xiu Jie (Leo Yang) had a falling-out because of a misunderstanding, and when Xi Xi helps the two reconcile, they get caught in a love triangle.


The Emergence of First Love – 出线了,初恋
Release Date: 2019-04-30
Main Cast:
Chen Zi You, Zheng He Hui Zi, Leo Yang
Romance, Comedy
Mango TV
Trailer 1 (RAW), Trailer 2 (RAW)
Where to watch with subtitles:
currently no subs available
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Year of Production: 2018
Production Company: Mango Excellent Media, Mango TV, Mango Entertainment, Activation Group
Director: Shen Wen Shuai
Screenwriter: Ye Yang, Mei Ying Ju, Ding Rui, Lu Tian Fei
Filming Location: Tianjin


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