[CDB Subbing Projects] Decide Which Dramas Will Be Subbed Next!

We have some exciting updates concerning our recent crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter!

We are doing a raffle! Among all backers of our Kickstarter, we will randomly choose two lucky winners who can decide which Cdrama should be subtitled next! The lucky winners will be contacted after the end of our crowdfunding campaign on May 2. Even with a small contribution of 1€ (or the equivalent in your currency), you can now already get the chance to have the drama of your wishes subtitled! To see which dramas are available for subbing on YouTube, please go to our list of possible subbing projects.

If you don’t only want to test your luck, you can also make a contribution of 11€ or more to get votes. You will be contacted and be able to vote for a drama after the funding goal is reached. Once a drama reaches 50 votes altogether, we will subtitle it. Or you can also opt for a super deal (starting from 79€) and the drama of your wishes will guaranteed be subtitled! Every time we reach a new milestone (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%… of our funding goal), a new super deal will be unlocked. The super deals are limited, so keep checking our Kickstarter and be quick!

Please note: All this is under the condition that the funding goal will be reached before May 2. In case it won’t be reached, you will simply keep the money you pledged. Our subbing team, however, won’t be able to go on for a long time without the necessary funds and most of those over 200 unsubbed Cdramas on YouTube will stay unsubbed. If you were ever desperately looking for subs for a drama you really wanted to see but couldn’t find any subs even after years, you will understand why we started this ambitious project of subbing as many dramas as possible on YouTube. If this is you, please make a small contribution and help us create a new era in which most Cdramas are available with subtitles! You can contribute from anywhere in the world!

Check out our Kickstarter and become our backer below:

Alternatively, you can also support us via PayPal:


A big thank you to everyone who is making it possible with their contributions to subtitle more dramas!

3 thoughts on “[CDB Subbing Projects] Decide Which Dramas Will Be Subbed Next!

  1. Tk says:

    On the kickstarter page, I noticed that there use to be options/rewards that including paying 79Euro and then selecting a title to be subbed. I really like the idea of that. If this kickstarter doesn’t gain traction, would you consider offering subbing services like that? Where users can donate and select a specific drama? Thank you for your consideration! I love this blog and all that your team does! (◕‿◕✿)

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