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Update: New rewards have been added to our Kickstarter!

We now have new rewards for you if you decide to back our Kickstarter campaign!

1) Choose a TV series – super deal

If you contribute at least 79-99€ (or the equivalent in your currency), you can choose any title from the list of available dramas on YouTube and we will subtitle it. Limited to 3 backers only, so be quick!

2) Get 1 vote

Contribute at least 11€ and vote for a title from the list of availabe dramas. Once a drama receives 50 votes in total, we will subtitle it.

Everyone who pledged for this reward will be contacted and be able to vote once we reach our funding goal. I will then publish which dramas received votes and how many. If a drama won’t have reached 50 votes yet, you will be able to continue pledging for more votes.

3) Get 3 votes

Same as above. If you contribute at least 22€, you can vote for 3 dramas or cast 3 votes on one drama.

Every time we reach a new milestone (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%… of our funding goal), a new super deal (limited to 1 backer) will be offered, so make sure to check our Kickstarter page from time to time!

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