[Forum Guide] Perks for Active CDB Members

Active CDB members will be rewarded! Here is an overview of all the cool perks you can enjoy if you become an active member in our forums.

1) Become a forum moderator

You can apply to become a moderator (volunteer position) if you

  • have 3 stars
  • created at least 10 topics

How do I get stars?

You can reach different ranks and earn up to five stars the more you actively participate in the forums. Here is what you need to reach the next level:

  • 1 star: every newbie will automatically have one star show up on his profile
  • 2 stars: created a total of of 10 entries (topics & replies) or more
  • 3 stars: created a total of of 100 entries (topics & replies) or more
  • 4 stars: created a total of of 1000 entries (topics & replies) or more
  • 5 stars: created a total of of 10000 entries (topics & replies) or more

How do I apply?

If you fulfill the requirements, simply send a PM @cdramabase.


2) Enjoy reduced rates when requesting a new subbing project

We give fans the chance to choose our subbing projects by donating a set amount. If you’re an active member in the forums, we’ll reduce the rate for you! Here are the reduced rates:

  • 3 stars: $10 USD off
  • 4 stars: $25 USD off
  • 5 stars: 50% off!

Bonus: In case you reach 100000 entries, you can choose a drama for free!


3) Become a VIP member

Anyone with 5 stars will be invited to join our private VIP Group! The benefits of being a VIP member will be revealed later on.

If you’re wondering how our forum groups work, you can read the guide here.

What are you waiting for? Go and get your perks! 🙂


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