[Forum Guide] How to Create a Group

Our forums come with a really useful feature which is creating groups! You can for example create a group for your bias and share your love with other like-minded people in your very own group forum. Here is how to create a group on CDB.

Step 1)


Go to “Forums” “Groups” to get to the Groups landing page. You will find it at the very right of the menu.


Step 2)

Groups Landing Page

Click on “Create a Group”. You will now be guided through the different steps to set up your group. First, choose a name for your group and describe what it is about.

Group Name: Xianxia Addicts
Group Description: A group for everyone who loves Xianxia.

You will subsequently be asked whether you want to make your group public so that also non-members can see what’s happening in your group, or if you want to have a private group.


Step 3)

Group Forum

This step is important. If you want to have your own platform for discussion for your group, you will need to agree to “Yes, I want this group to have a forum.”

Finally, you can choose a photo and cover image for your group and send invitations to CDB members of your choice. Click on “Finish” and your group is all set. You will now be directed to your group’s profile.


Step 4)

Profile Forum

If you go to “Forums” (at the very right of the menu) “Discussions” “Group Forums”, you will find your group’s personal forum. Depending on the settings you defined, only your group members might be able to see it.

You can also directly access your group forum from the group profile. Simply click on “Forum” as shown in the image above.

Have fun! 🙂


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