[Forum Guide] How to Change Your Privacy Settings

CdramaBase values your privacy! You can easily change the settings of your CDB account. Here is a how-to-guide.

1) Hide your profile from the member directory

If you don’t want your profile to appear in the member directory, click on your username and then go to “Settings” “Privacy Settings”. You can now choose to hide your profile from the directory.

2) Choose who can view your entire profile

You will also find the option to choose who can view your profile if you follow the steps from 1). You can choose between “Everyone”, “Only Logged in Users” and “Only Friends”.

3) Choose who can view your profile details

Your profile details are what shows up when users click on your username and then go to “Profile”, namely “Favorite Dramas”, “Favorite Actors”, etc. If you want to restrict who can view those details, go to “Settings” “Profile Visibility”.

4) Restrict group invitations to friends only

Go to “Settings” “Group Invites” and  you can choose to only receive group invitations from your friends. If you want to know more about groups in general, read the guide here.

5) Choose who can see your activity

Click on your username and then go to “Activity”. Certain activity notices will automatically show up there, e.g. when you create a new topic or reply to an existant one. If you don’t want everyone to see your activity, you can choose who is allowed to see it under the respective notice.

I hope this helps!


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