[Subbing Projects] Happy Valentine’s Special Offer

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I accept $30 USD less on any request to start a new subbing project as long as the drama of your wishes has romance in it!

If you donate at least


$100 70 USD for a short web drama
$150 120 USD for a drama of normal length
$250 220 USD for a drama with more than 45 episodes

you can name us a title from the list of possible projects and we will promise to sub it!

The offer will be available for 24 hours till February 15, 6PM UTC. After that, we will go back to the usual rates for our special offer.


You can donate by clicking on the button below:


I will update here and also announce our new future subbing projects on Twitter and Facebook after we receive a donation. If you have further questions about the donation process or our subbing projects in general, you can visit the FAQ.

Please note that we might not be able to start working on the drama of your reqest immediately since we already have a lot of ongoing projects that will be prioritized over any new projects. Nevertheless, we will do our best to bring you translated episodes as soon as possible.

Just as a reminder, the more donations we receive in general (we appreciate every little donation and be it only 1 dollar), the faster we can subtitle for you as our subbers are paid a fixed rate per episode (which means we have to match our subbing speed with the amount of donations we receive). A big thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far!

Have a nice Valentine’s Day!

PS: For anyone who is waiting for new translated episodes of Dating Hunter, there have been some issues that will soon be sorted out. We will then upload subtitles for a lot of episodes at once.

Update: The offer is over now! We have one new upcoming project: Caught in the Heartbeat.

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