The CCTV New Year’s Gala 2019

The CCTV New Year’s Gala, also known as Spring Festival Gala or Chunwan (春晚), is not only the biggest TV event of the Chinese New Year, but even has an entry in the Guinness World Records as the most watched TV program worldwide! Around 700 million to one billion viewers tune in every year on Chinese New Year’s Eve to watch the 4-hour-long show that offers a broad variety of acts, including sketches, music and dance performances, acrobatics and martial arts.

Since this is a blog about dramas, I collected all segments that involved drama actors (in order of appearance during the show):

“China’s Happy Event – 中国喜事” performed by music duo Phoenix Legend, Wallace Chung, Dilraba Dilmurat, Lay Zhang and Zhou Dong Yu

“Youth Jumps Up – 青春跃起来” performed by Li Yi Feng and Zhu Yi Long

Sketch “Platform – 站台” performed by Shang Da Qing, Li Wen Qi, Huang Xiao Juan, Tong Da Wei, Yang Zi, Wang Zi Jian, Sun Qian and Li Chuang

“Tea Drinking Song – 请茶歌” performed by Liu Tao and Huang Xiao Ming

Sketch “Office Story – 办公室的故事” performed by Yan Ni, Zhou Yi Wei, Wu Hai Long, Zhang Wei Wei, Shen Yue, Li Dong and Li Jia Xu

Sketch “‘Son Is Here’ – “儿子”来了” performed by Ge You, Cai Ming, Pan Chang Jiang, Qiao Shan, Ronald Zhai and Guo Xiao Xiao

“We’re All Pursuing Dreams – 我们都是追梦人” performed by Qin Lan, Maggie Jiang, Jing Tian, the TFBoys and Leo Wu

Sketch “Seizing a Seat – 占位子” performed by Shen Teng, Ma Li, Ai Lun, Chang Yuan and Wei Xiang

“Snowflake Rhapsody – 雪花赋” performed by Taiwanese singer Aska Yang and Angelababy

“Era Work Chant – 时代号子” performed by Liu Ye and Bai Yu

“My Struggle, My Happiness – 我奋斗 我幸福” performed by Jackie Chan, William Chan and Deng Lun

“Let Youth Be Free – 青春畅想” performed by Guan Xiao Tong, Wang Jia, Cecilia Han and Wei Da Xun

Which performances did you like best?

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