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[Finished Airing] My Father & Daddy

University professor Li Liang (Zhang Yi) leads a tranquil life until his biological father Li Yi Sheng (Zhang Guo Li) suddenly appears at an autograph event for Li Liang’s new book. Li Liang and his sister Li Nan (Pan Chen), who were raised by their stepfather Li Dong Shan (Li Jian Yi), refuse to acknowledge Yi Sheng as their father. But Dong Shan doesn’t blame them and tries hard to participate in their lives only to end up creating a mess every time.


My Father & Daddy – 我的亲爹和后爸
Release Date: 2019-01-30
Main Cast: Zhang Yi, Zhang Guo Li, Li Jian Yi
Genre: Comedy, Family
Network: Dragon TV
Episodes: 38
Where to watch with subtitles: currently no subs available
(request the license on Viki and Netflix)

Year of Production: 2017
Production Company: Zhejiang Changsheng Film and Television, Beijing Guoli Changsheng Entertainment
Director: Chen Guo Xing
Screenwriter: Zhao Dong Ling
Filming Location: Jiangyin


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